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San Diego, Calif. (Nov 16, 2020) – Native Business presents its Business of the Year Award to Allen G. Cadreau, Founder and CEO of Indian Energy, LLC. 

The Business of the Year Award goes to a Native American-owned and operated business that is committed to innovation, excellence and executing its vision. Native American-owned businesses are essential to the growth and prosperity of Native economies in addition to workforce development. The Business of the Year Award champions a Native American business that is excelling despite potential hindrances to market entry and growth for Native Americans. This award celebrates the success of one Native American-owned and operated business and its contributions to the advancement of Indian Country and diversity of the national economy. 

Indian Energy, LLC, founded in 2009, is committed to a lifelong mission: empower Tribal communities with the technical support to own and operate their own energy infrastructure to serve their own citizens. The firm also sells power to military installations and off-reservation communities. Clients include the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Community Choice Aggregators and Tribal Utility Authorities. A certified Small Business Enterprise and a Minority-owned Business Enterprise, Indian Energy counts domestic offices in Anaheim Hills and San Diego, California, and internationally in Baja Norte California, Mexico. The Company has 4GW of Solar PV and Wind, and 6GWh of energy storage under development. 

“Indian Energy, LLC, is demonstrating innovation in the energy sector at an unprecedented scale, creating energy storage and microgrid solutions for Tribal Nations and DOD clients, and ultimately playing a vital role in advancing the United States’ energy sovereignty,” Gary said. 

The awards will be presented to the awardees during Friday’s session at the Native Business Virtual Summit 2020